John Mayer Still Can't Sing After Throat Surgery

John Mayer is still waiting for his singing voice to return after his throat surgery. The singer, who has one of the most distinctive voices in music, was forced to cancel tour dates and recording earlier this year after learning he'd have to undergo a second Botox shot into his throat because the first one didn't work.

And about this, he tells talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, "It's not a health concern whatsoever but it has taken me out of singing. I tried to beat it the first time and couldn't. What they actually do is they cut this thing out of your throat and then they inject your vocal cords with Botox, which freezes your vocal cords so that this thing can heal without smacking up against the other side. I just need more Botox next time. So I got to do it all over again, get more Botox, which kind of paralyses the vocal cord for longer. I'm very happy to be a writer, really lucky to be a writer."

Mayer admits she's still without much of a singing voice, but that hasn't stopped him from writing songs.

He says, "I can't sing so I'm writing." 

Watch his video here on taking a break: