Julie Anne San Jose's Best Birthday Bash!

JAPSTERS were thrilled from watching their idol, Julie Anne San Jose during her thanksgiving concert last night at Hard Rock Cafe! As the singer turns 18, having a birthday concert would definitely be one of the highlights of her special day. The night turned out to be music-filled at the same time a special treat for her fans.

Not just that, as Julie Anne shares her upbeat music covers to the audience. Jay-R and Kris Lawrence were also present to share their soul and RnB with the birthday girl.

Japsters filled up the room and it is certain that everyone found their unique way to let the singer see their full support. Fans were also treated with giveaways to boot! What would be more exciting than that? As VJ JAPS' huge smile enamored the crowd during her performances, the audience were just in awe because everyone was captured by the  singer's powerful voice.

As Julie Anne reached the last part of her concert, Elmo Magalona surprised the everyone and even sang with the birthday girl! Fans go crazy when the two famous love team held hands during the song.

With the talents she had, playing the piano and guitar was a great treat to for the fans. And to add up, she also sang one of her song compositions that fans were game to sing along.

The singer ended the show with appreciation and love messages for her family, her friends and the fans who have been really supportive all along. It was indeed a successful show as the whole Hard Rock CafT was filled with satisfied Japsters!

Catch more of Julie Anne San Jose as our MYX Celebrity VJ for the month of May!

See all the highlights from our exclusive photo album HERE! We have tons of things to share with you from the JAPS thanksgiving concert soon! So keep it here on!



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