MYX 3 on 3's First Game: "Tsamba!"

Red vs. Blue. Kanino kayo kampi?

Last Saturday, MYX recently launched its newest show, MYX 3 on 3, where our very own OPM bands battle it out on stage but on the court. 

The first game was between the Red and Blue team. Slapshock's Jamir Garcia, Never the Strangers' PJ La Vina, Mike Swift and Rico Blanco played for Red. On the other team, we have Yan Yuzon and Wendell Garcia of Pupil, Pochoy Labog of Malay and Slapshock's Chi Evora. Red conquered the basketball court for game 1.

When asked how it felt to win, Rico Blanco immediately answered, "tsamba yun". But joking aside, they believed that it was the team's chemistry which beat the Blue. Jamir Garcia says, "Maganda yung play and perfect yung chemistry."

The winning team had two injured players and had no chance to prepare but that did not stop them from doing their best throughout the game. Though not in their best form, good defense also helped them says PJ. "It's all about fun. Yung camaraderie nung bands. Hindi laging music, sports naman," says Jamir Garcia and he hopes that MYX could do this every year. 

Watch the rest of the interview here.

Jamir was awarded as the Best Player for the first game and admits that it was a good game. Swerte lang daw sila. Do you think the Red team is just being humble or is it a part of their strategy? Watch the game and see for yourself! Catch MYX 3 on 3 today at 11:30 pm!



  • Mau29

    posted 5 years ago

    Sana nga every year may SportsFest ang Myx for the artists and not just Bands! More POWER myx!