Another Katy Perry Break-Up!

As we see these two love birds puckering up on Coachella Music Festival last April, who wouldn't be shocked of what happened now?

After Katy Perry's huge success over the billboards and sold millions of records over the years, her California Dreams was not that affected after her break-up with Florence and the Machine guitarist, Robert Ackroyd and claimed that there was no heartbreak and no hard feelings involved.

Being busy musicians, both needs to do their things first and they'll talk soon, a source told

On the other hand, it seems like her ex-husband Russell Brand was not in the state of moving-on as what he stated on Ellen DeGeneres unlike Katy Perry who sang her heart out during the Billboard Awards.

We just hope that Katy, despite all her personal relationships, will still manage to create more music to hype more of her fans!