Jamir Garcia Of Slapshock Is Very Passionate About Basketball

Jamir Garcia of Slapshock is the first Best Player for MYX newest show, MYX 3 on 3.

During game 1, together with Rico Blanco, PJ La Vina and Mike Swift (who was injured), played as the Red team and won. 

In an interview, Jamir was asked what it felt like to be the first best player, he said that it felt good. "I felt that I have to be aggressive," says Slapshock frontman. He adds, "Ginulat ko lang ng onti."

He shares that he has been playing for quite a while that he prepared a bit for the game. Jamir said he just went on and enjoyed the game which is more important for him. 

"It's physical pero good. Like a concert, parang gig." The nu metal band member says that he's been playing ball ever since, even before joining the band. It's his sport and admits being very passionate about the game. Basketball is one of the things that he takes seriously. He says that playing is like a workout for him. "In the show, we drink and we party," he says. Jamir needs his sport to keep up. 

When asked on how he balances basketball and music, he answered, "I always have time for basketball, just like everyone else should have time for exercise." What they do on stage demands cardio and physical strength. That's why a good exercise is a must like a meal. The metal singer makes sure that he plays once or twice a week to stay fit. 

Watch his interview here! 

Catch their game today! Watch and learn how Jamir Garcia together with his teammates compete against Yan Yuzon, Pochoy Labog, Wendell Garcia and Chi Evora of the Blue team. Watch MYX 3 on 3 Red vs. Blue today at 1:30pm!