LOOK: NICKI MINAJ Agrees To Pay Tuition Fees Of Fans

Nicki Minaj is no longer just the Queen of Rap but she's also the ultimate fairy godmother of fans as she agreed to pay their tuition fees! 

What was supposedly just a promotion for Nicki's new single "Regret In Your Tears" ended up with superstar offering to cover college expenditures of fans. They were completely blown away by her response after one Twitter user asked, "Well you wanna pay for my tuition?" instead of claiming the prize of meeting the "Anaconda" songstress in person. 

More wishes were granted by Nicki under one initial solid condition: Keep your grades up. But she later on lower the demands after learning that a follower needed only $3,000 to pay for three classes.

Nicki knows kids' dreams are meant to fly so she'll be doing it again in a month or two.

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