WATCH: LORDE Explains Why She Ditched Famous Goth-Inspired Look

If you've seen Lorde's music video for her comeback single "Green Light", you'd notice that the singer departs from her famous goth-inspired look (long dark curls, dark clothing and vampy hued lipsticks). Why the sudden change?

It appears that the "Royals" hitmaker is celebrating her life off-stage with her recent beauty evolution and visual aethestic. "I was picking up where I had left off, which was, I always had dark lipstick on and a weird kind of outfit," the singer explained on her Vevo Offscreen interview. "And this time, I was like, 'I want to look the way my friends see me.' I want to feel like I could be anyone of the young people who listen to my music."

Check out the real Lorde in her full interview below.

 Video Courtesy: LordeVEVO

And in case you haven't seen her latest look, watch her comeback video for "Green Light" here:

 Video Courtesy: LordeVEVO

This track is off her new album, Melodrama, slated for release on June 16.

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