10 Local Artists That You Should Listen To Right Now (Vol. 2)

Reese Lansangan... Jensen and the Flips... Autotelic... SUD... Now-familiar names that we featured in our 2016 list of indie artists that caught our attention. And now, features a new bunch of local acts who've captured our ears and hearts. You've probably seen some of them on MYX Spotlight or music streaming apps. If not, there's one thing that we can promise: you will instantly fall in love with their music once you hear what they have to offer. Check them out below!

1. Ben&Ben


2. Leanne and Naara

Courtesy: Leanne and Naara

3. Ang Bandang Shirley

Courtesy: AngBandangShirley

4. IV of Spades

Courtesy: IV OF SPADES

5. Banna Harbera

Courtesy: Banna Harbera Music

6. Oh, Flamingo!

Courtesy: Oh, Flamingo!

7. Tom's Story

Courtesy: Tom's Story

8. Fools & Foes

Courtesy: Sofar Sounds

9. Coeli

Courtesy: C O E L I m u s i c

10. Run Dorothy

Courtesy: Milk House

Who's your favorite among these local artists? Tell us in the comments!