WATCH: MILEY CYRUS' Hilarious Reaction To Her 'Hannah Montana' Audition Tape

Miley Cyrus rose to fame in the Disney Channel original series Hannah Montana. Over the course of her career, she has transformed from a breakthrough teen star to a celebrated pop artist of her generation. 

In a visit to Radio Disney, she looked back at her past by watching her audition tape she did for the show that jumpstarted her career. 

"That is so funny. That is so crazy. That is a jewel. That is a gem," she quipped after watching the video.

Video courtesy: radiodisney

Meanwhile, her new single "Malibu" is out now! The Voice coach took Billboard on a tour inside her Rainbow Land Studio, and she broke down every single detail about her new song. 

"I honestly think this record is going to be my most inclusive record, and I think this is something my fans have been waiting for," she said.

Video courtesy: Billboard

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