WATCH: JAMES MCVEY Reveals Why He Almost Left THE VAMPS!

Many fear the difficulties of opening up about emotions but James McVey boldly revealed his own struggles which almost caused him to leave The Vamps!

In an interview with LBC's James O' Brian for Mental Health Awareness Week, the young star talked about the pressure he suffered growing up on the spotlight. "I had a really difficult time last year where we were on tour in America and things were just building and building for me," he said. "I'd be on stage and I'd be like I hate this, because I don't understand how I was feeling or why."

Good thing, James realized he needed help and spoke with bandmate Brad Simpson which pulled him from the verge of leaving the band. "If I hadn't opened up about that, I probably would have left," he explained. "In hindsight, that would have been a ridiculous mistake."

Listen to how James overcame his struggle below:

Courtesy: LBC

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