LOOK: Fans Think AVRIL LAVIGNE Is Dead And Replaced By Look-alike

Two years ago, a conspiracy theory about Avril Lavigne being dead surfaced online after a Brazilian blogger asserted that Avril had tried to kill herself back in 2003 after her grandfather died. And according to the theorist, the "Sk8r Boi" singer might have been replaced by a lookalike. A series of photos which aims to prove that a lot has changed in her facial features were added to support the claim. 

Over the weekend, the same theory re-emerged after a Twitter user named "givincyass" posted a lengthy thread of tweets about the said conspiracy theory. And oh, the name of the girl who replaced her is allegedly Melissa Vandella. Based on the number of likes and retweets of this ridiculous theory, many fans seem to believe that the theory might be valid.

Check out some of the fan tweets below:

Avril Lavigne however just took to social media to inform her fans that she recently started the production of her new music. 

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