WATCH: CELINE DION Sings Along To CHER's "Believe" During The BBMAs!

Celine Dion showed some love for longtime friend, Cher, as she sang along to the iconic singer's "Believe" performance during the Billboard Music Awards 2017.

The "My Heart Will Go On" hitmaker belted out the song's lines and moved to music backstage. The press couldn't help themselves as well, joining the singer for the fun moment.

In honor of Titanic's 20th anniversary, the legendary songstress also delivered her own Oscar-winning classic on stage and we're crying near, far, wherever we are. Did you hear that, Jack?

Also, congratulations to Cher for winning the Billboard Icon Award! Here she is to make you 'believe in life after love':


¿Do you believe in life after love? ??? MARAVILLOSA!! ?? #entretenimientorcn @entretenimientorcn #cher #bbmas 2017

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