Monty Macalino Admits Being Aggressive During MYX 3 on 3 Game vs. Yellow

MYX 3 on 3. Next up, Green Vs. Yellow!

Mayonnaise front man Monty Macalino confesses being 'OA' during their game with the Yellow team. He says, "na OA-an ako sa sarili ko. I was shouting, I was barking." According to Monty, he went on being very competitive since it's his role being the captain ball of the Green team. 

The singer plays ball on a regular basis, at least once a week. Ever since, he's a Chicago Bulls fan and dreams of being a professional basketball player. Maybe that's why he knew then immediately what strategies to use for their game. Even though they were 'lugi' having only 3 members meaning no subs, he told his teammates to use the advantage of being big. "Atake lang, atake lang. Yung bola dapat umiikot," he says. 

"Parang you're with someone, and then you have your first love." The lead vocalist shares that basketball is his passion and first love. Although now, it's overtaken by Football. His club is Liverpool and he has been supporting it from way back. So when asked which he loves more now, he answered, "Same lang talaga."

Watch Monty together with the Green team, Deigo Castillo, Francis Victa, and Champ Lui Pio battle it out with Yellow team's Young JV, Tutti Caringal, Mong Alcaraz and Lem Belaro. MYX 3 on 3 at 2:30 PM today!

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