WATCH: GABBY ALIPE Pays Tribute To CHRIS CORNELL With "Black Hole Sun" Cover

Gabby Alipe did an acoustic cover of the Soundgarden hit, “Black Hole Sun” to pay tribute to its iconic vocalist, Chris Cornell who tragically passed away last week.

The former Urbandub singer said that he couldn’t resist doing a cover of this song since it makes him nostalgic remembering his high school days, back when grunge was on the rise.

“Could never sing it like him, but through the effort, you learn what to do and what not to do”, Gab said about his tribute cover video. He also said that he’s grateful for the things he learned while listening to Soundgarden cassette tapes back in the day.

Chris Cornell and his astounding legacy will be surely missed. Watch Gabby Alipe’s take on “Black Hole Sun” in the video below!

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