WATCH: HAILEE STEINFELD Celebrates Women Empowerment In "Most Girls" Music Video!

Hailee Steinfeld celebrates women empowerment in her "Most Girls" music video, smashing all stereotypes that society labels them.

Showing every side a girl has, the pop star declares there's nothing wrong about the body you live in and it's okay if you want to change it so long as you are the 'damn queen' of your life.

Watch her empowering new music video, still off her debut album Haiz, here:

 Video Courtesy: HaileeSteinfeldVEVO

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  • M.E_Haiz

    posted 2 months ago

    I love her music
    And this "most girls" is most empowerful song for all women out there:)
    Love you haiz so much

  • ahrnicole_15

    posted 3 months ago

    I love it!<3