LOOK: ARIANA GRANDE's Mom Escorted Fans To Safety During Manchester Tragedy

Following the devastating incident that took 22 lives and left 119 injured during Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester, reports from ABC News confirm that the 23-year-old singer's mom Joan helped escort fans backstage to safety. 


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According to the report, the "One Last Time" singer's mom was still seating on the front row when the bomb exploded in the lobby of the show's venue. Her mom then tried to reach out to frightened fans, brought them backstage and comforted them amidst the tragic event. A group of 10 were "rescued" by Ari's mom with whom she stayed with inside the safety area until they were able to exit safely from the venue. Wow, what a hero!

As of now, Ariana Grande is still feeling "broken" and has decided to indefinitely suspend the rest of her Dangerous Woman Tour.

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