What Do Girls See In "Guys With Guitars"?

What is it with guys with guitars? Double whammy if he can play and sing. Jackpot if he looks good too. 

Take ôAmerican Idolö winner Philip Phillips as a perfect example û vampire-sque eyes, plays and sings like Dave Matthews (major turn-on), that grin, that awkward charm û I could go on and on.  

Jessica Sanchez was the one to root for but since Phil is a hot WGWG (white guy with guitar), him winning the title is not as bad too. Just because heÆs handsome, he sings and he plays a musical instrument.  

Imagine the strings of the guitar are your heartstrings. Every pluck is a tug to your heart. They give something extra to what is the image of the ideal. 

The basic checklist goes something like this: fairly good looking û check. Has a decent job û check. An okay personality (whichever you prefer, as long he's not psycho) û check. Adding awesome guitar skills to the equation, youÆll have the ultimate guy. Actually for some, this is the ONLY criterion.

DonÆt let these men confuse you with rock stars. They are a whole different species. You may see them as less flamboyant, more sensitive and, most of the time, does music for artÆs sake. Because they seem more approachable, itÆs not that difficult to like these guys. No costumes, no big explosions -- just music. 

Scientifically speaking, animals that produce music have an automatic edge among the ladies. Insects are built to call their possible mate by rubbing their legs or wings. Other creatures have mating calls too. Whoever is wired to be attracted to that sound gets the guy. 

With humans however itÆs much difficult. There are a lot to consider û looks, talent, confidence, voice, etc. 

LetÆs classify these guys with guitars: you have the professional ones and the amateurs. Of course, those who have been doing gigs have practiced the art of eye contact. TheyÆll have you swoon with their stare and divert your attention to them and not the music. 

On the other hand, the amateur starts with, ôIÆm not that good!ö then have you beg them to play and capture you all the way. Whether or not you fall for the pro or not, it works. Even if you donÆt have them sing, itÆs almost automatic that they got your full undivided attention. 

So why are guitar-slinging men attractive? 

ThereÆs always a reason to fall in love with them everyday. All they need to do is play you your favorite song and youÆre back to the first day youÆve been smitten by their music. They communicate a universal language. Anyone who appreciates music can understand the effect of these guys. If they play anything that is on any womanÆs so-called soundtrack-of-my-life-playlist, itÆs almost always a done deal. 

Come to think of it, not everyone has that skill to master the instrument. Or the patience. It probably speaks a lot about that person, to want something other than what he has. + 1 to ambition. And to step up to get better every single time, you got passion right there. + 1 again. Add the confidence to perform, another ++. 

If they happen to be songwriters too, they are in tune with their feelings and honest about them. Instead of taking their aggression to the streets and punch somebody, they bring out their guitar and sing about it. 

In love? Expect a serenade from your balcony. And whatÆs more romantic, they can write a song about you too. If that wonÆt send you to your knees, I donÆt know what will. You will become their inspiration, their muse. The artistic spark starts with you and they are not ashamed to tell the world that it their music is about you and for you. 

ThereÆs no question why ôIdolö winners are guitar players. The same formula worked for every woman who dialed in their vote. 

In real life however, that isnÆt always the case. You may find someone with zero musical talent and will still sing and perform for you because you just find it adorable. To each his own, as they say. Nothing beats a good æol smile. 

If you happen to be with your guitar guy, good for you. If not, youÆll find your own too. Soon. Probably not like Phil, Scotty McCreery, Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen or David Cook. And without guitars. But someone whoÆll love you like a guitar guy would.



  • Kae

    posted 5 years ago

    Whether Phillip plays a guitar or not, he still makes my heartbeat for some reasons. <3

  • impoypoy

    posted 5 years ago

    on my own perspective philip cannot consider a perfect guy......

  • leprechaurn Stypayhoralikson

    posted 5 years ago

    AS for me a guy playing a guitar is very cannot see somewhere that all boys is playing a guitar.its very hard to find a guy that loves to play guitar.whenever they sing a song to a girl with his guitar really makes our heart race...:)