LOOK: Fans' Father Sends Heartfelt Letter To ARIANA GRANDE

A father of three Arianators hoped to take away Ariana Grande's frustration over the Manchester tragedy by sending her a heartfelt letter of support via Twitter.

Patrick Millsaps wished to give the 'broken' pop star some fatherly love through an open letter he shared on Twitter. Calling Ariana a part of his family, he penned, "You are no more responsible for the actions of an insane coward who committed an evil act". He also urged her to get all the support she needs from her loved ones and to 'take care of herself first' for this time.

And on behalf of all Arianators, Patrick advised, "When and only when you're ready - sing again... and make the crappy world a little less crappy." We aren't going anywhere, Ari.

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