WATCH: KATY PERRY In Tears While Paying Tribute To Manchester Victims

Katy Perry broke down in tears as she paid tribute to the victims of the recent Manchester attack.

While playing at her London show, the "Witness" singer delivered an emotional speech to the crowd. "It was hard for you guys I know. It was hard for me. Because we love music. We're listening to the same music, y' know?," she said. "You think about it and you think that's my friend, that's my sister, that's my brother, that's my cousin, that's the person that loves music.

"It's awful. It's awful. It's awful," she continued, also urging the people to extend their support in anyway possible but if they can't that's fine but they 'should not let them win". Katy ended with a dedication performance of "Part Of Me" proving people that they can never take "music" away from us, ever. Watch it here:

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  • kensubaan

    posted 3 months ago

    So inspiring! Mahal Kita Katyyy!xoxo