ARTICLE Of Black Eyed Peas Badly Needs Auto-tune!

Black Eyed Peas star is working hard to improve his singing abilities as he is currently depending on computer technology in the studio to improve his voice. The hit maker, who is also a judge of The Voice U.K, confessed that he uses pitch-correcting software Auto-tune to save time while recording.

He tells Britain's Alan Carr: Chatty Man talk show, "I use Auto-tune because I write and produce. A lot of the time I am in the studio by myself and no one works as much as I do. So the computer allows me to make music singing myself and not wait around for singers to come and sing it."

"It's a rare combination to have someone who can write songs and sing well," he adds. "The computer allows me to execute my ideas at the speed I think them. So that's why I learnt to (use) Auto-tune. It's just an effect. But I am working on, you know, my singing abilities."

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Source: Toronto Sun



  • AxL_Swaqqie

    posted 5 years ago

    usong uso yan ahhaa

  • raffy121317

    posted 5 years ago

    uso naman yan sa mga singer ngayon.