WATCH: WILABALIW Unleashes "Jack Stone" Music Video!

Wilabaliw has finally released their music video for their song "Jack Stone"!

Mixed and mastered at Kweba Studio, the track was already written by about 5 or 6 years ago but was only released recently by the band. Initially written by Ian Tayao, it took a long process before everyone was happy with the final version of the song. Other Wilabaliw members' creative efforts made the track more polished and now they're all proud of how the song has turned out! 

If you want to know more about the story behind the song, check out this behind-the-scenes clip of what went down during their songwriting process:

 Video couresty: WilaBaliWTV 

Watch Wilabaliw's new "Jack Stone" music video here:

Video Courtesy: TowerOfDoom

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