WATCH: FOO FIGHTERS Keeps Rocking After Getting The Sound Cut During Their Set

Foo Fighters headlined the 2017 BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival last Sunday wherein they had a fantastic comeback live show, featuring a very long set packed with their greatest hits.

However, the said music festival implemented a strict 10:00 PM curfew, causing the multiplatinum rock band to get the plug pulled during the middle part of their last song, “Everlong”. Foo Fighters performed the said song after vocalist Dave Grohl asked everyone to greet and sing “Happy Birthday” to his wife.


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Despite having the speakers and the power cut as per the promoters’ orders, Foo Fighers still managed to finish their last song and thanked everyone who watched them perform. The way the crowd carried the song until the end after Dave's microphone got cut is also such an admirable moment! 

You can’t simply just stop a great Foo Fighters set! Watch this fan video to get to know more about what happened as Foo Fighters closes the music festival:

Video Courtesy: Steve Zanco

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