MYXclusive: WILLIAM SINGE Talks About His Bond With ALEX AIONO And His All-Time Favorite Rappers

Australian singer, songwriter, producer, and YouTuber William Singe visited the country recently and MYX got the chance to chat with him.

During our MYXclusive interview, Will was able to discuss his bond with fellow YouTuber and singer Alex Aiono, who also visited the country earlier this year. Both had collaborated on trending cover videos as well as play several shows together and for him it was a really cool experience. He said that he treats Alex as his close brother, though sometimes people try to look like there’s always a competition going on between them.

Whenever they encounter things like those from people, they just laugh it off and keep it cool.

“I always have his back and I hope he always have mine. Because in this industry, coming up like this is hard, it’s hard work and I feel we have to look out each other because we kinda came up the same way, and you know our families are from the same place. You know, we have a lot in common.”, he said.

Moreover, since he can rap intensely good since his X-Factor days, we also asked William Singe who his thinks are the most influential rappers of all-time. You'd be surprised to find out who he has on his list so better check out our MYXclusive interview below. 

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