LOOK: JUSTIN BIEBER & MILEY CYRUS Had A Mini-Reunion At The #OneLoveManchester Show

The friendship of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber go back a long, long way. Though we haven't seen them hang out with each other in ages, the strong bond between them is evident in their recent photos together at the #OneLoveManchester show. While they didn't share the stage together, they were spotted having a casual conversation backstage. 

Miley Cyrus performed her new song "Inspired" at the benefit show. Then, she was later joined by Ariana Grande for a heartwarming duet of "Don't Dream It's Over"! Meanwhile, Justin Bieber - who broke down in tears after his emotional speech - performed "Love Yourself" and "Cold Water" in front of the 50,000-strong crowd. 

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