LOOK GIRLS' GENERATION Members Move In Together Amidst Disbandment Rumors

Rumors of Girls' Generation's disbandment have been swirling around ever since their 10th year anniversary but member Sunny won't let it go further as she seemingly proved the news wrong.

In her recent Instagram post, Sunny revealed that she and some SNSD groupmates moved into a dorm together. She mentioned on the comment section, "We moved dorms - Hyoni is playing games in the living room... Didn't she do a music show today?? Why is she do energetic. She's definitely an energizer."


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Residents of the new home include Taeyeon, Tiffany and Sunny while other members have their own places, Koreaboo stated. The move was said to be for the iconic girl group's nearing promotional tour.

Hope Sunny's update would let you see that they ain't going nowhere.

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