LOOK: THE CHAINSMOKERS' Alex Pall Expresses Regret Over LADY GAGA Criticism

Back in 2016, The Chainsmokers drowned themselves in hot water after criticizing Lady Gaga's music. Aside from the rage that the Little Monsters expressed towards the American DJ duo, Lady Gaga herself reacted on the social media fiasco by dissing them on Twitter. 

Recently, though, The Chainsmokers' Alex Pall revoked earlier criticisms about the pop legend. Yep, they feel sorry about the things they have previously said about Lady Gaga. 

“It was really taken out of context,” Pall says. “I'm 32 now, and no one's given a sh** about what I've said for 30 years of my life … I felt bad. I don't think it's cool to make those sort of judgments anyway. Keep it to yourself.”

Courtesy: Howard Stern

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