WATCH: MYX VJs Perform Heartfelt Tribute To Their Dads!

No matter how old they get, daughters will always be little girls in the eyes of their daddies! Just in time for Father's Day, our very own MYX VJs Ai, Tippy, and Sharlene came up with a very special tribute to all of the super dads out there.


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Watch their special performance of "Fathers and Daughters" (popularized by Kristin Chenoweth) to salute all the loving and hardworking Dads, Papas, Itays, Pops and Tatays out there. It's something fathers would definitely love to hear from their beloved daughters on this special day.

These Daddy's Girls also have a special message to their fathers to go along with their special performance. Watch it below!

Did you like the message of the song? Go ahead and share it to your fathers!