MYXclusive: ALYSSA VALDEZ Shares Her "Good Vibes" Playlist! caught up with Alyssa Valdez during the Creamline Cool Smashers meet and greet event! According to the Premier Volleyball League MVP, she's overwhelmed with all of the support she's been getting from fans!

While other athletes would play hip hop or rock tunes to pump themselves up before a match, we learned during our MYXclusive interview that Alyssa likes listening to slow songs instead to help her calm down. Apparently, she really loves Colbie Cailliat's "Bubbly"! Plus, she shared the artists she listens to during her pre-game moments.

Find out the Phenom's Good Vibes Playlist in this MYXclusive video below!

What can you say about Alyssa's taste in music? Do you also listen to the artists she likes? Leave us a comment!