WATCH: NIALL HORAN Says It Would Be "A Bit Weird" To Collab With Other ONE DIRECTION Members

A One Direction reunion may be a little bit far from "soon" as Niall Horan found collaborating with his pals "a bit weird" for now.

Speaking with ET Canada, the "Slow Hands" singer admitted he's hoping to team up with other artists in the future. But when asked if doing it with any of the 1D guys' possible, he said, "Can't rule anything out really, can you? I suppose right now, it would be a bit weird."

Watch his interview where he also gushed over Michael Buble and Shawn Mendes' remarks about him:

Niall didn't elaborate his comment but who knows, he might mean working with just one would be strange. So how about all four (or five if Zayn's open to it) of you get together for brandnew music?

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