Madonna Booed In UAE After Being Late

Starting a perfomance late in the Philippines seems standard but who will consider being more than 90 minutes late an acceptable behavior?

The superstar kept the crowd waiting for more than 90 minutes before she appeared onstage at the Du Arena on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on Sunday. When she finally showed up, she was greeted with boos and scattered applause from impatient fans. 

A source tells BritainÆs The Sun, ôItÆs pretty rare for locals to boo an act, they must have been seriously unimpressed. This will have cost Madonna loads in fines. She made a big effort to win back the crowd once she had arrived though.ö But it was worth the wait according to former MYX stylist Gianni Bandiola who witnessed the concert firsthand, so were other Madonna fans who would wait for hours just to see the Queen of Pop in concert.

Madonna is scheduled to play her MDNA show in Dubai once more on Monday night.

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Source: Examiner



  • ika_foreveralone

    posted 5 years ago

    Well, maybe because of the 90 minutes late from the singer the fans maybe got tired and started to be impatient but honestly when that happened to me i would really surely boo at the singer for keeping us wait for like 90 minutes