*NSYNC, Reuniting For Justin Timberlake's Wedding?

90's kids, *NSYNC fans! The long wait is over, as the boy band is said to be getting back together again!

No, it won't be for a concert but there are rumors that the boys could reunite for band member Justin Timberlake's upcoming summer wedding to Jessica Biel.

"It would be great. Who knows?" *NSYNC's Lance Bass told Entertainment Tonight Canada of the possible reunion. "You never know. We might do a little improv a capella."

He shared that waterworks display from him will be granted especially if heÆs called on to make a toast. ôIÆll probably cry!ö he admits. ôThatÆs what I do at these things. If I have to do a speech, itÆs something that means so muchà the tears start coming.ö

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  • r@!ne1990

    posted 5 years ago

    love it! but i hate the thought of JT getting married :(

  • annapaulineguzman

    posted 5 years ago

    Anq Cute