LISTEN: MILESEXPERIENCE Wakes Up To A Good Morning In New Song "Sunshine"

MilesExperience (composed of Miles Bondoc on vocals and guitar, Justin Teano on guitar, Ian Diaz  on bass, Guido Hizon on keyboard, and Timothy Odulio on drums) is poised to conquer new territories with the release of its brand new single “Sunshine” under MCA Music. 

According to the band, “Sunshine” symbolizes a process of “rebirth’ of sorts for the band. The members describe the sound as “festive, like a peaceful morning. Something that could probably signal our exit from sadder lyrics.”

Revealing that the inspiration behind the song is “a surprisingly good morning after a stressful night,” the band confesses that it is now “looking at the brighter side of things even through the heat.”

“Sunshine” is going to be a part of MilesExperience’s upcoming second album and it’s out now today! Get ready to listen to this new song here:

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