Sponge Cola Invades Abu Dhabi on June 7!

Sponge Cola is already enjoying the sights and sounds of the Middle East for a show in Abu Dhabi tomorrow!

In Yael's latest entry, he shared his packing experience for Taiwan and he failed bring most of his essentials. Oops! But now he's all ready to play in Abu Dhabi City Golf Club on June 7, 2012! See what he brought by watching the video below!

Now the guys have been tweeting their experiences including their fashion statement for international gigs!


Basta international flight, Ang @sponge_cola lahat naka balat!
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They will update stuff on their offical Instagram account (spongecolamusic) so make sure you follow their adventures there! 

If you're in UAE, ticket prices are at 100 AED and for VIP, 250 AED. Don't forget to catch them live in Abu Dhabi Golf Club!



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    please pasama sa daily top 10 yung swagger jagger ni cher lloyd pls. pls. pls.