WATCH: SANDARA PARK Spends Day Off At G-DRAGON's Concert!

Sandara Park debuted the first episode of her YouTube channel, Dara TV, titled "A Free Day of Dara"!

We get a glimpse of what her day is like as she opens vlog with her in a car heading to G-Dragon's concert. We also get to see her go to the gym where she jams along to 2NE1's tracks such as "I Love You", "Gotta Be You" and "Falling In Love" as well as Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran hits! We also find out that Dara is a fan of dramas as she ended her day watching the Korean series, Fight My Way.

Oh, blessed are our Blackjack and K-drama hearts. Watch how Dara spend her schedule-free days in the video below:

 Video Courtesy: DARA TV

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