LOOK: ED SHEERAN Quits Twitter Following 'Game Of Thrones' Cameo Backlash

As much as we want our social media interaction with Ed Sheeran to go on, it just won't happen anymore.

Earlier today, the "Shape of You" singer decided to delete his Twitter account. Yep, it means you can no longer see updates from him on the social networking site! 

It seem he's finally done with all the hate he's been getting from people who doesn't seem to know how to stop being mean to him. Sadly, Sheerios are mourning right now. 

What could be Ed's specific reason for quitting Twitter? Some fans think he quit after he faced online backlash for his Game of Thrones cameo as a Lannister soldier. 

Why did you quit Twitter, Ed? We need to know. *sobs in the corner*

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