LOOK: JAKE ZYRUS Is Happy For GREYSON CHANCE After Coming Out As Gay

Jake Zyrus is beyond proud of American singer-songwriter Greyson Chance for his decision of coming out after an emotional post on social media. 

LOOK: GREYSON CHANCE Proudly Admits He's Gay!

The former MYX Headliner formerly known as Charice expressed on Twitter his support for Greyson's courage in admitting his sexuality. "Happy for you, Greyson.", Jake Zyrus said. 

The 25-year old "Pyramid" singer have similar paths as the American singer as both were child online sensations before being invited by popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres as guests on her show.  Jake also hurdled the experience of coming out back in 2014 and has recently decided to change his name from Charice to Jake Zyrus. 

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