MYXclusive: SYDNEY SIEROTA Talks About ECHOSMITH's New Single "Goodbye"!

The future is shining bright for the Sierota siblings - Sydney, Noah, and Graham - who are currently working on Echosmith's upcoming sophomore album Inside A Dream. The indie-pop band who gave us the hits "Bright" and "Cool Kids" recently released the lead single "Goodbye". caught up with the group's lead vocalist Sydney who explained that the song is about "having to say goodbye to a relationship that is really hurting you."

"It is also about trying to have a good perspective in finding the 'good' in goodbye," she said in our MYXclusive phone interview.


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Check out the rest of the interview with Sydney who shares about the band's experience while filming the music video for "Goodbye" and their new dynamic as a trio following the departure of eldest brother Jamie.

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  • Khentlovesmusic

    posted 18 days ago

    Guys, the eldest's name is Jamie, not James. Hope you can edit. Thanks 😊😊