MYX VJ Search Finalists Go Bargain Hunting At The Ukay-Ukay!

With only 300 pesos, a video camera, and their haggling skills at the ukay-ukay! This week's second task is The 300-peso Ukay-Ukay Challenge! 

Join their adventures at the friendly shopping place and find out who is the best budget shopper! See what they scored and their stories in getting the best value for money!

We have revamped the MYX VJ Search 2012 Microsite! Your favorite MYX VJ Finalists can now update you daily with anything and everything under the sun! Plus, you can now comment on their tasks by LOGGING ON, and TYPING your comment BELOW their task! If you want to rave about their challenge entry, you may still do so by visiting their past challenges again!

This year's MYX VJ Search 2012 has NO VOTING component since the DAY 1 of auditions. We'd like to see everyone interacting with the auditionees and finalists because YOU really like them. We hope this clears the speculations made by some users. :)

So, let's all just have fun and enjoy MYX VJ Search 2012! The weekly round up airs on MYX News EVERY SATURDAY at 5:30 PM! 



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  • ChoraLovesSwift

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    Go Ericka!!