LOOK: LIAM GALLAGHER Apologizes To Fans After Cutting Short His Lollapalooza Set

Former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher suddenly cut short his set and walked off stage during his Lollapalooza show in Chicago. The singer was originally scheduled for a 60-minute set but only performed four songs and left the stage without any explanation to the crowd.

While many were disappointed with what happened, there are some who speculated that he walked off stage because someone held up a sign saying, "I love you Noel". The fan of course, was referring to the singer's brother Noel Gallagher. The two have been known to feud publicly over the course of their careers.

Liam took to Twitter and apologized for his unfinished Lollapalooza set - citing “vocal issues” as the cause of the problem.

Liam Gallagher is set to promote his forthcoming solo record As You Were dropping on October 6 and will have a major concert in Manila this coming August 14.

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