Pink Says Goodbye To Her Gallbladder!

Last June 1, the pop singer tweeted a photo of herself in hospital saying that she had stomach flu, but Life &Style confirms us now that she had to have her gallbladder (a small organ which aids fat digestion) removed.

"At first she had these bad stomach pains and didn't know what it was, and then it got really bad," a friend of Pink's tells Life & Style. "They realized she needed to have her gallbladder taken out, so she did!" 

The 32-year-old was supposed to perform at President Barack Obama's fundraiser at an LGBT event last June 6 but was forced to cancel because of her medical condition.

So Pink finally said goodbye to her gallbladder with the tweet: "oh and p.s..... F YOU gall bladder! SAYONARA!!!!!!!!!!!!"  

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Report from: Life & Style



  • venusthaddeus

    posted 5 years ago

    hi poh.. lagi po aqong nanonood ng myx.. lagi poh ksing no.2 ang favorite ko.. request ko nga lng poh sana mapatugtog nyo poh ung kanta ni justin bieber n thinkin bout you.. yun lng poh..