WATCH: VALLEY OF CHROME Shows Their Ultimate Food Trip In "Balang Araw" Music Video!

Valley Of Chrome’s newest music video for their song, “Balang Araw”, is indeed mouth-watering as the band shows you their favorite dishes and how to cook them.

In the over four-minute clip, the band showed the elaborate step-by-step process of making their signature favorites, which they named “Blastbeat Prawn Pasta”, “The Great Tuna Terror”, “Shredder Tacos Al Pastor”, “Brutal Biryani”, and “Goodtime Spam Attack”. “Balang Araw” also features former drummer Voltaire Del Rosario (now a full-fledged chef) preparing the delectable meals featured in the video.

Get ready for some “food metal” and watch this latest music video from Valley Of Chrome below!

Video Courtesy: TowerofDoom

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