MYXclusive: Tarsier Records Artists Promise To Present A New Local Sound That Will Go Global

Say hello to Tarsier Records, a record label which is a new division of Star Music! Its aim is for local artists to have an opportunity to be recognized in an international scale.

Just this week, its first batch of artists like Sam Concepcion, Markus, Moophs, and Xela had a contract signing with Star Music to officially show the world their mission. For these artists, they are on a quest of introducing a new sound to the local music scene, and hopefully forge partnerships with international acts.

Speaking of which, The Tarsier team - who fundamentally offers electronic, pop, and urban music - has tied up with Sweater Beats, a US-based DJ-producer, for their first international partnership.

On September 8, Tarsier artists is set to unveil the first cycle of their album, with eight original tracks that are all launching in digital platforms. Three music videos are also set for release.

Tarsier Records are already working on their second cycle; and they will also have the next batch of contract signing for their five remaining artists next week. We just can’t wait what new music is in store from Team Tarsier.

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