WATCH: ECHOSMITH Debuts Inspiring Music Video For "Future Me"!

"The future me I haven't met. There's some things you might regret. They don't know you like I do. They don't know what you've been through."

After bidding "Goodbye" to someone they love, Echosmith continues to inspire fans with their second single "Future Me" off their forthcoming sophomore album Inside A Dream.


Strive to do what the #futureme would be proud of ?? : @psuslov

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If you could travel into the future, what would you tell the #FutureMe? ?? : @terrenceajones

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The upbeat synth track conveys the powerful message of striving for a better version of yourself. Packed with vibrant visuals and the encouraging presence of the Sierota siblings, "Future Me" will indeed lift your spirits up! Watch it below:

Courtesy: Echosmith

What do you want to say to your future self? Leave us a comment!