WATCH: AUTOTELIC's "Languyin" Music Video Will Make You Want Go On A Weekend Getaway

The long weekend is almost here, and Autotelic has the perfect visual to make you plan the ideal adventure getaway!

The video for "Languyin" follows the story of a guy who goes on a road trip and meets a girl along the way. He eventually reunites with her at the same destination where she intended to go ... Baler!

This video just makes us want to go on a weekend getaway after watching it! 

Video courtesy: AutotelicVEVO

We've waited almost a year for Autotelic to release the music video for the song "Languyin" off their 2016 album Papunta Pabalik! Thankfully, it has now arrived!

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  • AmYael

    posted 25 days ago

    Ganda ng music vid nyo guys! :)