MYXclusive: JASMINE CURTIS-SMITH On Why She Accepted Her Role On "Puti"

The 2012 psychological thriller Puti is returning to cinemas as part of this year's Cine Lokal Film Festival!

We caught up with writer-director Mike Alcazaren and cast members Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Lauren Young and Ian Veneracion who shared what makes Puti different from the usual thrillers that we see in cinemas. Jasmine, for one, revealed why she accepted her role.


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"Cool 'yung character. Like she seems like a cool person. And I wanted the play a role na ganon. Hindi 'yung kikay, 'yung maldita, 'yung usual that we get to play on TV roles or other film stories," she said. "That's the word for my character, I think. Cool but weird." Watch our MYXclusive interview below:

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