Justin Bieber Has Never Experienced Heartbreak!

Justin Bieber is definitely one lucky guy when it comes to love.

The "Boyfriend" singer, who is happily in love with Selena Gomez, shared that he has never been in a failed relationship before. 'I haven't gone through it, so I don't really know what it's about. I don't think anyone wants to have heartbreak. I haven't been in that deep a place yet, but I'm still looking. I'm still learning every day,' he told Seventeen magazine.

He also shared that he finds it hard to trust people, so he sticks to old friends. 'I don't let anybody close to me. I just rock with my old friends, Ryan and Chaz. I'm happy with the friends I have,' he has explained. I guess our dear Justin is just more on quality over quantity.

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Source: Music-News



  • addicted2kpop

    posted 5 years ago

    When will "believe" comes out here in the Philippines?

  • bieber's biggest belieber

    posted 5 years ago

    he would never experience heartbreak coz he's a perfect guy:D

  • jamie ann

    posted 5 years ago

    I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!I will always be a believer

  • pauleenpinlac

    posted 5 years ago

    i love justin so much!!!!!!

  • matildagrr...

    posted 5 years ago

    I love you!!!!