Coldplay: "We're Too Old For A Justin Bieber Collaboration"

After the success of their new single with Rihanna, Coldplay was asked if they have future plans of doing another collaboration with a pop icon like Justin Bieber. Frontman Chris Martin has said that he and his bandmates are too old to work with the star, Justin Bieber, and that they would look like his grandparents if ever they'll do a collaboration.

"Justin Bieber is too handsome for us. If he wants to do a video with four people who look like his grandparents then we should be in it," Chris jokingly said in an interview with The Sun

"[If ever] We've got to look good ù we'd just look terrible next to that guy. He's good-looking and has an amazing complexion."

Has also spoke highly of his time working with Rihanna. "Rihanna was top of our list of collaborators, and we've done that," he said.

He shared that Coldplay is very open to any artist who wants to do a collaboration with them. "She was lovely ù she was cool. We'd work with anyone who wanted to work with us."

Source: The Sun



  • Jschmirtz

    posted 5 years ago

    I believe Coldplay's music genre is far different from Coldplay's too. (Coldplay's music is more sincere and real.) xD

  • JamesGasta

    posted 5 years ago