Kris Allen Gets More Personal With New Album "Thank You, Camellia"

On his new album Thank You, Camellia, Season 8 American Idol Kris Allen delivers on everything his fans love him for and more. The album is a showcase for the easy, lived-in richness of Kris' voice as well as his knack for crafting hook-filled pop melodies and writing heartfelt lyrics that explore the ups and downs of love. 

On the face of it, the albumÆs first single, ôThe Vision of Love,ö sounds like a straightforward love song, but itÆs actually an inspirational tune about helping others that Kris says is a powerful reflection of how he feels about giving back. In our exclusive phone interview with him, he shared that "Vision of Love is about taking the small things in life and noticing whatÆs going on with your friends and family and seeing if anyoneÆs going through a hard time, it doesnÆt take a lot to change things and if we all do the small things then maybe we can make a big change in the world."

And if you're wondering who this Camellia is and why Kris is thanking her, Camellia is actually a street in Los Angeles and the title is inspired by the supportive friends he stayed with in L.A. who live on that street.

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With the subject of love as his starting point, Kris dug deep and emerged with a batch of songs that felt true to his experience. ôOut Alive,ö ôMy Weakness,ö and ôBetter With Youö celebrate the spirit of fighting for what is good, while ôTeach Me How Love Goesö and ôLeave You Aloneö find him sorting through the wreckage when itÆs not. When asked what his favorite song is, he said that Monster is the one that came to mind, "I had that song for a while now so im glad that its out. It came out great. I get to write it with a good friend of mine."

"I loved it. I loved making this album. IÆve loved writing the songs. I felt like I really got personal at this one. I loved being in the studios as much as I was. I didnÆt get to spend this much time enough in the studio on the last record. So I get to spend hours and every day in the studios perfecting the songs and making them what I wanted them to be so I really enjoyed making this album and I wanted to make this album not only for myself but for my fans to enjoy."

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For this album, Kris Allen was heavily involved throughout each stage of the writing, recording, and production process. He shared that this is mainly one of the differences from the past records. "I guess the biggest difference is I get to spend time on this one so it shows that I was able to put more of myself into this record, I got to be there for everything. I wrote all the songs, I was in the there [the studios] for the production of the songs with coming up ideas for the production of the song. I felt like I was running the ship a little bit."

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    Ang swerte nung nag-interview kay Kris! Sana maging single nya yung Better With You. :)

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    I hope The Vision Of Love re-enters the MYX INTERNATIONAL TOP 20.

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    Come to the Philippines, Kris! :D

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    He is really a good artist. Vote for The Vision Of Love here guys! :)