Madonna's Nip Slip Is No Slip!

The Queen of Pop popped out her breast in front of 55,000 fans at her show in Istanbul, Turkey - and it is no accident!

During her "Human Nature" number, Madonna has removed her top as part of her performance. After teasing the audience to a peep show, she deliberately slipped down her bra to expose her right breast for a few seconds.

Those who went to see the show caught the "slip" on video and is currently raking in thousands of hits on YouTube. 

From the cheers captured on camera, it seemed that the audience even cheered after the unexpected gesture from the Queen. But the online world is enraged with her actions saying that this is just a publicity stunt and is too old for an intentional boob exposure. 

But some are defending the 53-year old artist saying that she has done things similar to this and it's just expected of her to pull off daring performances. 

The video below shows her actual performance in Istanbul and CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. 

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Do you think this is Madonna's way to get a lot of buzz after her comeback? What is your opinion about the issue? Comment below.



  • Nadz_0180

    posted 5 years ago

    I can as a no surprise to me because as always MADONNA has the capacity to shock people(esp. conservative thinking people). Despite all this, MADONNA came up with a great tour once again. MADONNA is still the best pop singer. I am glad that I am still a FAN. Go, Mommy.

  • richard0989

    posted 5 years ago

    Madonna is a great singer.. nothing to comment about what she have performed during her concert.