General Luna, "Stripped Down And Emotionally Naked" in "Different Corners"

All-female rock band General Luna is definitely here to prove that they're more than just pretty faces with their second album, "Different Corners"

Consisting of nine tracks that weave interrelated themes and flowing arrangements, the girls see this album as somewhat a symbol of their renaissance as a band. Bassist Alexis Montemayor shares, ôIt definitely has a clearer direction than our first album.ö Rhythm guitarist Audry Dionisio also adds that this record is ômore meaningful, easier to understand, the kind of album you can play in your car and trip on while driving.ö 

Having able to write more original songs in this album, General Luna believes that they got more personal and were able to put more of themselves in this. Lead singer and main lyricist Nicole Asencio says it's ôstripped down, emotionally naked and more honest than the first album.ö Lead guitarist Caren Mangaran agrees, pointing out that ôthe album itself is who we really are. No pretenses.ö

ôThe vibe now is more mellow, more direct,ö that is how Drummer Bea Lao describes the album.

The band also had the opportunity of working with the biggest names in the industry. They collaborated with Japs Sergio of Rivermaya and Ebe Dancel who contributed the songs ôWalang Imposibleö and ôDaan,ö respectively. In addition, Francis Reyes (formerly of The Dawn), Monty Macalino (Mayonnaise) and Dancel acted as guides in the production when the band was recording the songs for the album. The album's overall producer, Warner Music A&R director Neil Gregorio, took charge of a track called "Tulala" as well.

General LunaÆs second album ôDifferent Cornersö under Warner Music Philippines will be available in record outlets and on iTunes beginning June 29. Text ôCornersö to 5677 to get ôDifferent Cornersö ringback tone.

Get up close and personal with the hottest girls in Pinoy rock! General Luna ôFans Dayö will be on June 27 at B-Side, The Collective, Makati City. During the said event, the band will play a total of 8-10 songs, 4 of which will be tracks from the new album. The girls are more that excited to interact with their supporters by jamming with them and exchanging personal stories over beer and bar chow.

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